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Susan, as you know Lorraine and I downsized from a 1200 sf apartment into a 600 sf unit the same time as your move. Although we disposed of quite a bit of stuff, we are taking some of the excess to the house in Nanoose. I actually could not unload the truck until I cleared out most of the stuff in the garage from the time we moved into the house over 10 years ago, just to make enough room. Surprised by the things I found in that garage, but amazed by how refreshed I felt taking most of it to the recycling depot. I'm actually looking forward to disposing of the rest of it next week when we go back to the house. It feels as good as having a shower.

nancy frohlick

Hi Susan, I recently moved into a 600 foot condo and did a major purge before moving. I took a lot of it to thrift stores, books to second hand book stores, threw out bags of old photographs, letters, school albums. I gave a lot of it away for free on Craigslist. It was the most satisfying experience to purge all that STUFF! I feel lighter in so many ways and now live with the essentials.
I'm happy you are writing your blog again!
nancy frohlick (your old yoga teacher) xo

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